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Resources from Ridgewood Special Programs Office:

Resources from the greater community:


The Village of Ridgewood Department of Parks and Recreation seeks to make every program all-inclusive while offering accommodations as needed. This includes a myriad of offerings for preschool through middle school in art, science, nature, STEAM, etc...  


Programs specific to special needs include “ArtisticallyAbled” inclusive art instruction (Grades K-5; Winter Program Mondays 5-6pm; Jan 13, 27; Feb 3, 10, 24; March 2, 9, 16); "PonyShare Equestrian Introduction" (Spring session); "Every Kid's Life Skills" which promotes healthy eating habits, proper hygiene, sleep and exercise (Grades 4-8; Winter session Jan - March, Tuesdays 5-6:30pm or Saturdays 9-10:30am).

More information:, 201-670-5560, 259 N. Maple Ave, Ridgewood

REGISTER: (under Village Parks and Recreation)


Sharing the Arts is a non-profit performing arts program for individuals (ages 8 years through young adult) with special needs. Classes are led by teachers with support staff to provide redirection and assistance.  Pre-teen through college-age volunteers serve as assistants, demonstrators, mentors as well as friends in the class.  Programs include pre-ballet/jazz, hip-hop, vocal, acting and musical theatre.

More information:     201-689-2397

Access Ridgewood

The goal of Access Ridgewood is to increase awareness of those with disabilities and create a more inclusive community.  2019 Access Ridgewood Event:  October 11-13.  

More Information:

Ridgewood Special Moms and Dads

Ridgewood Special Moms and Dads is a private Facebook group where members share information about programs, medical professionals, after-school activities and anything that relates to being a parent of a child with special needs.


Safety & Security: Did You Know?

You can register with the NJOEM’s special needs registry, so that emergency responders are aware of your child/family’s needs in case of disaster or emergency:

You can register your child with Bergen County Sheriff’s office Project Lifesaver:

Making a trip to the ER? Alert the reception desk that your child is special needs upon check in . They will take extra care to help them through the emergency room process