LSHSA Presentations

Click here to open the 6/1/21 Information Meeting presentation video

Click here to open the 2/3/21 Information Meeting presentation video
Click here to open the 10/2/20 Information Meeting presentation (scroll down)
Click here to open the 12/3/20 Information Meeting presentation (scroll down) 

Resources from Ridgewood Special Programs Office:


Reading Disabilities and MSR: presentation


Socialization during the pandemic: presentation 

● New York Times Article: Toll on Children with Special needs: click here

● New York Times Article: We Are All Awkwardly Social: click here 

● You don’t need to be super parent - just good enough!: click here

● You Are Enough: click here

● Online Art Classes



● SEL Activities: click here

● The Benefits of Reading: click here

● Making appropriate comments: click here

● Perspective Taking: click here

● Internet Safety: click here

● Making Authentic Friendships (MAF) App: click here

● Supporting Teenagers and Young Adults: click here

● Online Gaming: click here

● Video on Holiday Preparation: click here

● CAPE Resources: click here

● CDC COVID-19 Parental Resource Kit: Ensuring Children and Young People’s Social, Emotional, and Mental Well-being