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SPAN - Parent Advocacy Network Helpful Links

Frequently requested resources:

Parental Rights in Special Education - NJ (2019)

NJ Code - Special Education


Understanding the Evaluation Process


Sample Request Letter - Requesting an Evaluation for your child


Classification Chart Handout


Parent’s role in the IEP Process (With Helpful Check Lists)


Education Related Acronyms (i.e., Did they just say PLAAFP? Find out that PLAAFP is an acronym to refer to your child’s present levels of academic and functional performance).


IEP Meeting Preparation - Checklist/Worksheet to help prepare for IEP Meeting


Communication Strategies for IEP Meeting


Establishing a Collaborative Team


Advocacy Support Resources:


CADRE, Video: Understanding Positions and Interests

Parent Center Hub, on Parent Participation


Facilitated IEP Meetings, brochure [THIS OPENS UP A PAGE THAT SAYS ERROR]


For individual assistance: SPAN’s Warm line: 1 (800) 654-SPAN (7726), 8:00 am–4:00 pm


To follow SPAN on Eventbrite to know about more SPAN events and workshops


Like the SPAN Page on Facebook for additional information and resources:  

START Engaging Parents of Students with Disabilities | Facebook

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